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Most parochial schools and CCD program have an assigned text to use for Sacramental preparation. Many people have asked for something more than these texts offer. People who home school their children also need more than most texts offer. The use of songs and pictures to assist teachers and to help children remember their prayers and concepts have long proved to be effective learning tools.

The text below also provides a step by step guide on an effective way to present and use these songs and pictures. For example, children need to memorize the "Act of Contrition." The song composed for the words of this prayer makes the memorization of this prayer fun and enables a child to recall the words easily.

The pictures are designed to illustrate the truths of the Gospel to the Sacred Scriptures. All of them follow the pattern of Readings for the Advent/Christmas cycle and then the Lent/Easter cycle. The use of these Readings cannot be limited to the four weeks of Advent or the seven weeks of Lent. Rather, the lessons should help prepare the children for both these liturgical seasons.

The seven schools that have modeled this program over the past five years have been very pleased with this process. Most have used the material to supplement their "official text" while others have used the program as the main instrument for the preparation of children for the Sacraments. Children enjoy the songs and teachers have often played a CD of the songs during snack breaks and quiet times in the classroom. This CD may be purchased from CD Baby at the following link:

Songs for the Sacraments of Initiation

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